Why does education and environment matter?

In 2012, deliberations between the Greening Kenya Initiative (GKI), World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSCSD) KenyaThe University of Nairobi (UoN)Multimedia University of Kenya (MMU) and UN Environment’s Education and Training Unit (EETU) resulted to an agreement on formation of Kenya Green University Network (KGUN).

KGUN will be a functional network of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Kenya with an aim of incorporating environment, low carbon – climate resilience development strategies and sustainability aspects in their education, training, campus operations and enhanced student engagement.

There are currently over 60 universities in Kenya, whose combined efforts can have a positive impact on achieving of sustainable development.

Objective of the Kenya Green University Network

  • Incorporate environment, low carbon-climate resilience development strategies and sustainability aspects in Kenyan HEI education, training, campus operations, management and student activities;
  • Help with the adoption of the Greening Universities Toolkit;
  • To catalyze and raise profile of the need for more sustainable universities;
  • Foster student innovations and acquisition relevant skills in the area of environmental sustainability aimed at ensuring sustainable local communities; and
  • Promote the adoption of green schools and universities.

Expected outcomes and Actions

  • Inculcate Performance Contracting on sound environmental practices in Kenyan HEIs;
  • Transformation and development of Green campuses that will see to the shift to low carbon universities in Kenya;
  • Mainstreaming of Green Curriculum to engender environmental conscious generation;
  • Green Training within and beyond the network; and
  • Students’ engagement that will enhance collaboration among universities locally and internationally on sustainability challenges, solutions and community outreach.

Open Letter to COP21 Ministers and Governments – The collective voice of the world’s universities, colleges and students will be heard at COP21 when the United Nations Climate Change Conference takes place in Paris, France during the first week of December 2015. The Open Letter will urge Ministers and Governments to acknowledge and strengthen the research and education role that universities and colleges play in addressing climate change. Addressed to COP21 Ministers and Governments, the letter also calls for more specific measures to be taken such as showcasing universities and colleges as living laboratories for climate change adaptation and mitigation, increasing support for trans-disciplinary learning, teaching and research approaches, and using university and college campuses and operations as a leverage agent to accelerate the transition to clean energy sources.

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