KGUN Webinar

The Kenya Green University Network (KGUN) webinars are online seminars that turn the guest and faculty presentations into real-time conversations. Webinars allow large groups of participants to engage in online discussions or training, share audio, documents, or slides from whichever location.

The Kenya Green University Network conducted a leasing webinar in collaboration with UNEP and on 15th July 2021 under the theme, “Youth & Sustainability”. The event pooled attendees from different learning institutions like Strathmore University, Daystar University, Karatina University, the University of Nairobi among others.

The Kenya Green University Network surveyed the webinar participants to identify focus areas that would lead discussions for the experienced panelists. A majority of the participants were interested in learning about how the youth can participate in sustainability. The panelists brought in a wealth of experience from the industry.

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