KGUN Essay Competition

In honor of the theme of this year’s (2021) World Environment Day is “EcosystemRestoration”

KGUN is conducting an essay competition on The restoration of degraded land/forests in Kenya.

This drive’s main objective is to inspire the young scholars in Kenyan Universities through Kenyan Green University Network (KGUN) to embrace the agenda of Environmental
sustainability in the country. Specifically:

  • To sensitive young scholars on the restoration of forest cover and support the Kenyan government initiative of attaining a 10% forest cover by the year 2022 through an essay competition.
  • To support students from the 72 Kenyan universities in generating ideas that could enhance the government’s 10% forest cover commitment, pollution control and waste management measures
  • To understand the scope of know-how by University students on issues to deal with the issue of environmental sustainability
  • Improve the involvement of Kenyan students in improving environmental sustainability efforts, especially restoration of forest cover, control of pollution and effective waste management.
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